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My students benefit from high quality professional drumming lessons at AmatoDrums!
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Drum Equipment Repair | AmatoDrums Lessons for All! | Sacramento, CA | (916) 275-3521
I care about my students’ musical development and do everything I can to ensure the best results. Schedule your first lesson today and see for yourself!
Drum Lessons
Most drum repairs and part replacements are inexpensive, and many of them can be performed on-the-spot while you wait!
Drum Equipment Repair
Drum Tuning | AmatoDrums Lessons for All! | Sacramento, CA | (916) 275-3521
I have all of the tools necessary to provide quality drum tuning services and am perfectly willing to visit your home, rehearsal space, or studio to tune drums, so call me today!
Drum Tuning

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Free pair of drumsticks for ALL new students!!
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Drum Lessons

Drum Equipment Repair


Drum Tuning


Drum Lessons

Drum Equipment Repair | AmatoDrums Lessons for All! | Sacramento, CA | (916) 275-3521

For the best quality drum lessons in Sacramento, CA, choose AmatoDrums and enjoy the benefits of my unique approach to...

Drum Equipment Repair

Drum Equipment Repair | AmatoDrums Lessons for All! | Sacramento, CA | (916) 275-3521

For quality drum equipment repair in Sacramento, CA, you need only visit me at AmatoDrums! As an experienced professional...

Drum Tuning

Drum Tuning | AmatoDrums Lessons for All! | Sacramento, CA | (916) 275-3521

Part of building a student’s musical vocabulary sufficiently relies on technical proficiency—mastering the rudiments and rhythms that comprise...

At AmatoDrums, I provide my students with everything they need, even a drum set!

Specializing in: Drum Repairs and Service
• Head Replacement
• Tuning
• Recondition & Restoration
• Drum Wraps & Recovering
• Bearing Edge Trueing
• Drum Shell Repair
• Snare Throw-off Replacment

Sacramento areas Drum Tuning & Repair experts since 2001
▪︎ All brands & types
▪︎ New & Old
▪︎ Affordable Prices
▪︎ Quick turn around
▪︎ Satisfaction Guaranteed

Welcome to AmatoDrums Lessons for All!

AmatoDrums is my way of giving back to the musical community of Sacramento, CA that led to me enjoying a lifetime career in music. Through this business, I offer music education services to private students as well as to institutions and public entities such as school districts. I offer my students a complete musical education that begins with the simplest rudiments and ends with fully realized musical potential.

I offer group and individual private drum lessons for all ages and skill levels, and have developed a highly effective, flexible curriculum that is easily adjustable, making drum lessons for all a readily reached goal. My students not only learn how to play music in a way that is technically proficient, but also what it means to play in a group with others, forming the foundations of success not only in a musical context but in any social setting.

While I have enough equipment to offer drum lessons to students who do not own their own set of drums, I also offer equipment repair and tuning services. If you own a drum set that has been damaged or is in need of any kind of service, I can restore the instrument to look, feel, and sound like new. My tuning services are also very useful for musicians in bands that would like to guarantee the best drum sound possible.

To learn more about my services and how I can help you be a better musician and performer, simply call me and schedule an appointment. I am happy to hold lessons at my personal studio, but can also travel to you for your convenience, so call today and arrange your first lesson!

AmatoDrums Lessons for All!

Sacramento, CA 95826
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