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My name is Chris Amato. My lifelong relationship with rhythm began when I was only seven years old. From my humble beginnings banging on household furniture to recording over 100 albums and winning a national championship in British pipe band snare drumming, I have picked up a huge amount of experience and information about the world of drumming that I share with others at my Sacramento, CA studio.

AmatoDrums is the way I have chosen to give back to the local community that raised me and gave me the opportunity to enjoy a lifetime of playing music professionally. My all-ages drum lessons are designed to help anyone, regardless of background and prior experience, become a skilled musician. All-ages is not a joke, either—my youngest student is 4 years old, and my oldest is full of vigor at 70 years.

As a full-time drum instructor, performer, and musician, I offer comprehensive education services that help my students make the most of their talent. This includes all of the rudiments necessary to gain a level of comfort with the instrument and moves on to highly advanced and sophisticated sessions, performing tips, and more. If you would like to channel your raw talent into making beautiful music, my drum lessons can help you.

If you are interested in drum lessons and would like to learn more about my curriculum, just call me and ask for specifics. I am always happy to help new clients learn more about the drums and about my highly effective approach to musical education, so give me a call today and discover how I truly provide quality “drum lessons for all!”

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