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For quality drum equipment repair in Sacramento, CA, you need only visit me at AmatoDrums! As an experienced professional musician with a lifetime of drum playing behind me, I offer expert technical services concerning the proper restoration and care of drum sets and percussion instruments. I have spent years learning the subtle craft of drum and percussion repair, and am happy to fix your instruments.

Drum and percussion instruments are more delicate than they seem. Even though they are made to be hit, the difference between a professional drummer’s strike and enthusiastic noise-making can be enough to break a drum head, shatter a cymbal, or snap stand hardware. Fortunately, with the right tools and experience, these incidents can be easily remedied. Some of the services that I commonly offer musicians include:

• Kick Drum Repair—Including head replacement, hardware replacement, and shell restoration.
• Percussion Repair—For shakers, cowbell, guiros, or even congas and djembes.
• Snare Drum Repair—The fragile snare may snap under pressure, but can be readily replaced through my expert service.
• Hardware and Stand Repair—If your drums are in perfect condition but your stands do not work, the show cannot go on!

If you are tired of dealing with faulty or defective drum equipment and would like to enjoy the services of a repair expert, just bring your instruments to me and ask me for an estimate on the repair.

Most drum repairs and part replacements are inexpensive, and many of them can be performed on-the-spot while you wait!

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