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For the best quality drum lessons in Sacramento, CA, choose AmatoDrums and enjoy the benefits of my unique approach to musical education. I offer drum lessons fit for all ages and learning styles using a practical, proven method that focuses on developing personal musicianship and excellence.

The key to my approach is what I call the “Stair Step” method, in which simple, practical applications are learned in a step-by-step process and then combined into fluid performance. This is markedly different than the sterile and intimidating classical instruction method that focuses on sight-reading sheet music and copying the styles of great performers from the past. My lessons help you play the way you want to.

My lessons start at the very beginning of musicianship and offer a clear, solid foundation upon which a musical career can be built: from identifying the different elements of a set such as kick drums and cymbals to covering basic rudiments and rhythms necessary to build more advanced styles. I even cover the necessary practical knowledge, such as equipment repair—knowledge no good drummer should ever be without.

Whether you would like to become a world-class drummer and percussion expert, or are simply interested in playing for the fun of it, you can be sure that at AmatoDrums! you will receive a lesson plan that is customized to fit your needs perfectly.

I care about my students’ musical development and do everything I can to ensure the best results. Schedule your first lesson today and see for yourself!

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