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Part of building a student’s musical vocabulary sufficiently relies on technical proficiency—mastering the rudiments and rhythms that comprise drum beats. Another critical, yet often neglected element, is the sound of your drumming. Amateur drummers often forget that the drum set is a musical instrument and that the most important element of performing is expressing the sound you hear in your head.

While the key to gaining a well-tuned sound is obviously playing well, proper tuning is a necessary element of any great drum sound. Sound tuning is the means by which individual drum elements are adjusted in such a way as to change the tone and resonance of the instrument. There is an entire discipline of physics dedicated to this task, but you do not need to be a scientist to make your drums sound their best.

When in need of quality drum tuning in Sacramento, CA, hiring the services of a professional like myself is the best way to ensure that your drums always sound their best. At AmatoDrums, a lifetime of performance working alongside some of the most respected and talented musicians in the industry has given me the training I have needed to provide top-quality drum tuning services to my clients.

If you would like me to tune your drums, or to teach you the trips and tricks necessary to tune your own drums effectively, simply call me and schedule an appointment.

I have all of the tools necessary to provide quality drum tuning services and am perfectly willing to visit your home, rehearsal space, or studio to tune drums, so call me today!

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